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Airheads Singles X4

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13 in stock


Airheads Singles Blue Raspberry 16g (0.55oz)
Airheads Singles Grape 16g (0.55oz) 
Airheads Singles Green Apple 16g (0.55oz) 
Airheads Singles Cherry 16g (0.55oz) 



Created in the 1980's by Perfetti Van Melle, Airheads have become a world-famous American candy loved by all! Originally from Kentucky, the colourful sweet brand is now known and enjoyed all over the world. Tangy and taffy-like, Airheads are made similar to the way Play-Doh is. As a result, the candy is shaped and squished. Then, it is moulded into the bars, bites, and gummies that we all know and love today! They come in a large variety of flavours. To start with, you've got the classics such as strawberry, orange, and grape. However, they also do some more special flavours, like birthday cake, cotton candy, and fruit punch. They even have a couple of mystery flavours if you're in the mood for a surprise! We sell lots of Airheads products here at American Food Mart. Have a look and see which is your favourite!
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