Featuring frosted oats and coloured marshmallows, Lucky Charms cereal has been around for more than five decades. Lucky Charms contain 12 different vitamins and minerals and are made from whole grain, making them a good source of calcium.

Lucky is a witty, playful, and mischievous leprechaun who lives somewhere beyond the rainbow in a lovely woodland.

Lucky's father was a wise man who saw that it was his destiny to bring magic from his planet to the actual world. He placed eight magical charms in Lucky's hands to safeguard him on his journey and warned him to respect their magical abilities as well as those of others he might encounter.

The Original Lucky Charms are Gluten Free: you can enjoy them as you like! Additionally, you can find Chocolate, Fruity, and Frosted Flakes Lucky Charms!

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Lucky Charms Original 297g (10.5oz)


Lucky Charms Original 422g (14.9oz)


Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes Cereal 391g (13.8oz)


Lucky Charms Original 547g (19.3oz)


Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes Cereal 592g (20.9oz)


Lucky Charms Chocolate Cereal 312g (11oz)


Lucky Charms Original 48g (1.7oz)


Lucky Charms Original 48g (1.7oz) (Pack of 6)


Lucky Charms Marshmallows 198g (13.8oz)


Lucky Charms Canadian 300g (10.5oz)

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