The ICEE Company, or just ICEE as it's more commonly known, is an American beverage company from California. It produces some of the most famous frozen drinks in the US! In fact, it actually became the foundation of other frozen drinks, like Slurpee.

Did you know it was invented in Kansas? In 1958, there was a problem with faulty equipment in a local Dairy Queen. The soda machine broke, and, because of this, owner Omar Knedlik decided to place bottles of soda in the freezer to keep them cold. As a result, the soda would instantly turn to slush upon opening, which luckily became very popular!

Now, all their slushy drinks are made purposefully! You can get them pre-made in America. But luckily for us in the UK and Europe they also make them in drink mix form!  There are plenty of flavours so you will be sure to find one you like.

From Fruit Punch to Cherry Frost, they have all the tastiest frozen flavours. Have a browse through our selection and find your favourite!

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ICEE Slush Blue Raspberry 237ml (8 fl.oz)


ICEE Slush Cherry Frost 237ml (8 fl.oz)


ICEE Slush Fruit Punch 237ml (8 fl.oz)

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