Gatorade is an internationally adored brand of sports drinks, food items, and protein powders.

Did you know it was first created because the Florida Gators football coach wanted a drink that would benefit his players? With this in mind, he got in touch with a group of scientists at the University of Florida. They worked hard to achieve his goal and ended up creating a great-tasting and health-boosting drink! With the football players in mind, the drink was able to replace any carbohydrates that were burned during exercise. Not to mention, it could also replace any water and electrolytes they lost during physical activity. Pretty cool, huh?

And, that's how the product got its name! Because it aids the Gators... Get it?!

Since then, the brand has grown massively. It became ridiculously popular, and a lot of companies had great interest in it. But it was finally sold to the multinational company PepsiCo in 2001. Now, it is available in lots of countries, and makes a variety of products.

Gatorade is loved by athletes, football players, and regular people alike! So why not pick up a bottle or two today?

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Gatorade Orange Drink Mix 1.45kg (51oz)

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