Lemonheads, American classics made with real lemon juice, are sweet and sour lemon candies. Whether chewy or classic hard candy, these candies are small, tasty, and sweet! Enjoy fruity flavoured candies today! A classic sweet and sour lemon candy, with a soft shell and a hard candy core!

Salvatore Ferrara obtained the name Lemonhead after seeing his grandson, Salvatore II. It is said that Salvatore II was a forceps baby and that his head was lemon-shaped when he was born. Developed in 1962 by the same company that made Red Hots, this candy was also made via the cold panned method. As the candy is created, layer after layer of sugar and flavours are applied until the desired shape and size is reached.

This American classic is now available in many different flavours and variations.

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Lemonhead Chewy Berry Awesome $0.25 Box 23g


Lemonhead Chewy Original $0.25 Box 23g (0.8oz)


Lemonhead Chewy Redrific Berry Mix $0.25 23g


Lemonhead Chewy Tropical $0.25 Box 23g (0.8oz)


Citrus Candy Deal


Lemonhead Chewy Pink Lemonade $0.25 Box 23g


Lemonhead Chewy Assorted Fruit Mix $0.25 Box 23g


Lemonhead Chewy Fiercely Citrus $0.25 Box 23g

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