Dum Dums

This classic, all-American lollipop has been a favourite since 1924. Featuring 16 fun flavours plus the Mystery FlavorTM, these pops are perfect for kids and adults alike.

In 1924, the Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, invented Dum Dums. The company’s first sales manager dubbed the ball-shaped candy on a stick Dum Dums because he thought it was a word that any child could utter. In 1953, Spangler Candy bought the Dum Dums from Akron Candy Company and relocated the company to Bryan, Ohio.

At American Food Mart, we offer the 75-piece Spangler Dum Dum pack and the Spangler Dum Dums Mix 1000-piece. Whatever pack you chose you will not be disappointed because in every lollypop there is an explosion of flavour.

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