Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods is all about nourishment, nutrition, and avocado!

The brand was founded by Carsten Hagen, a Naturopathic Doctor. On his travels, he discovered how traditional foods were positively affecting different cultures. He was inspired! As a result, Hagen decided he wanted to share these super-foods with the rest of the world. So, Chosen Foods was born!

Hagen wanted to create food that sustained people. So, with this in mind, he created their mission! They pledged to “support true nourishment through the rediscovery and accessibility of real food”. Pretty cool right?!

Did you know, Chosen Foods use 350 million hand-harvested avocados per year?! This is because they believe that avocados are nature’s most magical fruit! Not to mention, they have high levels of antioxidants, fibre, and (healthy) fats! That being the case, they use avocado oil in most of their products.

So, if you’re a health-nut, or you just want to start eating a bit better, have a browse through their selection of healthy products. You won’t be disappointed!

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