Brach's started off in 1904, by one guy and his kettle. Emil Brach invested his life savings in a storefront, with the dreams of turning it into a candy store. Situated in Chicago, Illinois, he named this little shop; 'Brach's Palace of Sweets'.

By 1923, they had expanded to four factories, and they were in the process of buying a fifth. Because of this growth, they became known as 'America's Candy Maker'.

The first ever products they made were caramels, which were in high demand. Nowadays, they sell a large variety of different sweets, chocolate, and snacks. Not to mention their huge selection of seasonal products!

Still going strong, they make and sell a huge array of sweet treats across America and the world today!

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Brach’s Sathers Candy Corn 92g (3.25oz)


Brach’s Sathers Candy Corn 170g (6oz)


Brach’s Sathers Candy Corn 120.5g (4.25oz)

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